The Society’s 2019-20 Season

3 October 2019

“An Evening with Joyce Grenfell” by Gill Grinham
Joyce Grenfell comedian, singer, actress, scriptwriter and producer, but best remembered for her monologues. Who could forget “don’t do that George”?

17 October 2019

“Strike a Light!” by Louise Raw
The story of the 1888 Match-women’s strike in Bow, when women and girls considered the ‘lowest of the low’ took on one of Victorian England’s most powerful and cruelly exploitative employers, and won

31 October 2019

“Witches and Wise Women” by Maureen James
On this Halloween Night, hear about the changing attitudes to “witches” from the medieval acceptance of their role as healers, through their persecution to the foundation of modern Wicca.

14 November 2019

“GI Brides” by Ian McLachlan
Overpaid, oversexed and over here! Ian will tell us the story of the GI bride experience

28 November 2019

“The Huguenots” by Joyce Hampton
Hear about the history of this group of people who have enriched the world through their tenacity, courage, dedication and sheer defiance of adversity

12 December 2019

“The Norfolk Nut” by Pat Nearney
Join us for our festive celebrations which stars stand up comedian Pat Nearney

9 January 2020

“A day in the life of a vet” by Lucy Rivett
Lucy joins us from Summerhill Veterinay Centre to talk to us about her job in looking after our much-loved pets

23 January 2020

“St Paul’s Cathedral – An Unusual Guide” by Gary Powell
Wren’s cathedral has many secrets hidden behind its walls. This talk looks at those who have passed through and those who remain in this great buildings

6 February 2020

“Norfolk at the Pictures” by Mike Hutchinson
Mike will tell us about the history of cinema in Norfolk and some of the major personalities who have brought the ‘silver screen’ to the County for over 100 years

20 February 2020

“Drones – the future or a menace?” by Andy Cooper
Drones have a wide range of uses: from roof inspection to land surveying to search and rescue, but they can also bring an airport to a standstill. What exactly is a drone and are they a marvel or a menace?

5 March 2020

“Blitz and Pieces” by Darren Pike Stride
Darren, who owns Poppylands 1940s tearooms at Horsey, will tell us about his passion for the 1940s era

19 March 2020 (Cancelled due to Coronavirus)

The Society’s AGM followed by “Wymondham Heritage Museum – A Model Prison” by Jaybee Brown
In 1779 Wymondham Bridewell was described as one of “the vilest prisons in England”. By 1784 all that had changed – Jaybee will tell us what happened