Minutes of the Fakenham Society 2020 Virtual AGM

The Annual General Meeting scheduled for 19 March 2020 was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Because Sinny Mallett and Chris Dawson wished to step down from the Committee in March 2020, the outgoing Committee took the pragmatic decision that the new Committee members should assume their new roles as of 1 April 2020 in order that the Society’s business could continue.

Given the continuing lockdown and uncertainty as to when the Society would be able to meet again, the Committee decided to deal with the formalities of the AGM by letter and email. Accordingly, on 29 June the AGM papers, including the financial accounts for 2019/20 signed off by Roy Gibson, the reports from the outgoing Chairman and Treasurer and the Fakenham Museum of Gas and Local History, and a message from our President, were sent to members either by email or post. The papers were also posted on the Society website.

The only matter requiring members’ approval was the election of the Fakenham Society Committee for the year 2020/21. Members were asked to inform the Secretary of any objections to the election of any of the Committee members within 14 days.

Seven responses were received, but none of them raised any objections to the proposed Committee elections or any other matter.

The Committee for 2020/21 was therefore elected as follows:

Officers and Committee

Society officers:

Chairman            Susan Riddle
Vice Chairman and Membership Secretary Treasurer

Committee members:

Steve Brettell
Andy Cooper (new Committee member), Steve Fuell
Trish Fuell
Phil Parry
Sue Parry

David Riddle
Annie Cooper (new Committee member) David King (new Committee member)