Minutes of the Fakenham Society AGM held at the Fakenham Sports Centre on 21st March 2019 at 7:15pm


Apologies were received from June Giles, Gordon and Joy Lane, Vic and Althea Tucker, Peter and Gill Yarham.

Minutes of the last AGM

Acceptance of the minutes of the 2018 AGM was proposed by Dave Siseman and seconded by Christine Dawson. All agreed.

Matters arising

The Chairman commented that Sheila Robson’s concern over excessive walking on Society trips would not be an issue at Grimsthorpe. Although this cannot be guaranteed in the future it will nevertheless be borne in mind.

Unfortunately, a “Man in Black” short trip was not possible as he had now retired from organising ghost walks around Norwich

A potential visit to the David Parr house in Cambridge has had to be postponed as the house is not yet ready to receive visitors.

Gas Museum report

The report was given by Ann Harris, a volunteer organiser at the Museum. Ann gave a comprehensive update on progress at the museum and the full report is appended to these minutes and can be viewed here.

Treasurer’s report

Sinny Mallett thanked Roy Gibson, Dave Siseman and Phil Parry for their help in preparing the accounts, and Christine Dawson for her help on the reception table during the season.

The society made a small surplus on the season of £234.50 with a carry forward balance of £3,714.32.

The annual paid membership decreased by one to 132 compared to 2018/19 with guest attendance increasing from 33 to 72 (mostly due to the Elly Griffith talk).

The trip to Colchester in April 2018 produced receipts of £1,075.00 and incurred payments of £1,027.60 which gave a small surplus to the Society of £47.40.

A “flyer” distribution was a new initiative launched by the Society prior to the start of the season with the aim of increasing membership. A Fakenham newsagent included the flyer with their regular newspaper deliveries at a very modest cost. Unfortunately, it had no apparent success and will not be repeated.

The full examined accounts can be viewed here.

Acceptance of the accounts was proposed by Kate Hall and seconded by Sheila Robson. All agreed.

Chairman’s report

The Chairman thanked the retiring committee members: Dave and Jasmine Siseman, Martin Shaw and Rob Mallett who had mostly served on the committee for over ten years.

He reported that Susan Riddle would be taking on the role Secretary from Martin Shaw and that Trish Fuell would be joining the committee to take on Jasmine Siseman’s “Front of House” role.

Andy Cooper, while not joining the committee, would take on the IT responsibilities from Dave Siseman and Martin Shaw.

The Chair reported that the committee proposed to hold the season subscription rate for the coming year at £20 per person with a guest charge of £5 per meeting. However, this was conditional on the understanding that the Sports Centre would maintain its charges for the Lancaster room at the current level. If there were to be an increase it may be necessary to increase Society subscription rates before the start of the new season.

To ensure the financial viability of the Society going forward it is important that membership does not fall below current levels, i.e. 132 members and ideally grows to near the 180 mark we reached a few years ago. Member were encouraged to actively recruit friends and family to help sustain and grow our membership.

The Chair thanked his wife Sue for her hard work in putting together next year’s programme and, in response, Sue gave a brief preview of the speakers she was planning to book during the summer.

Finally, the Chair thanked the committee for their support throughout the Season and the membership without which there would be no Society.

Election of Officers and Committee

The president John Birt took the chair.
There was no contest for the officer appointments and the following were elected unanimously:

Chairman: Phil Parry
Vice-chairman: David Riddle
Treasurer: Sinny Mallett
Secretary: Susan Riddle
Membership Secretary: Steve Brettell

The committee members were also elected unanimously: Christine Dawson, Trish Fuell, Steve Fuell, and Sue Parry.

Acceptance of the committee elections was unanimously agreed.

The President thanked to Committee for their support.

The Chairman Phil Parry returned to the chair.

Comments from the floor

Members thanked the committee for their work during the season.