1. NAME: The Society shall be known as The Fakenham Society.
  2. OBJECTIVES: To support and strengthen the local community by arranging social gatherings, providing regular talks to the membership and by promoting other local events and organisations.
  3. OFFICERS: The officers shall consist of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership Secretary, all of whom shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting. Nomination for such posts should be made, to the Secretary 20 days prior to the AGM.
  4. COMMITTEE: The Society shall have a Committee consisting of those officers in the previous section plus others to a maximum of seven members, though the committee can agree to co-opt additional members at any time. The Chairman must retire after serving for three years though may remain on the committee. Each Committee Member must stand for re-election at the A.G.M.The Committee will meet at times deemed necessary and the proceedings of such shall be recorded and agreed at the subsequent meeting. For a valid meeting of the Committee, half the committee membership plus one shall form a quorum but this is to include two Officers.
  5. POWERS OF THE COMMITTEE: The property and/or assets of the club shall be vested in the Committee. The Committee shall have the power to:
    (1) appoint such Sub-committees as from time to time are deemed necessary and shall receive reports of such Sub-committees
    (2) suspend or expel any Member of the Society whose conduct is considered prejudicial to the good name of the Society
    (3) ask a committee member to retire if it is felt that they are not fulfilling their duties
    (4) co-opt additional Committee Members
    (5) grant Life Membership to a Member in recognition of their service to the Society and
    (6) appoint a person of suitable standing in the community as President.
  6. MEMBERS: There shall be no upper limit to the number of Members. General Meeting voting is restricted to one vote per Member.
  7. SUBSCRIPTIONS: The annual subscriptions from Members shall be determined by the Committee.
  8. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING: The Annual General Meeting shall be held no later than the 31st March in each year. Members will be given at least 14 days notice of the AGM. The Financial Statement as at the Society’s year end delivered by the Treasurer followed by the Chairman’s report shall be received. The Members present will elect Officers and Committee Members by vote in the event of more than one nomination for an Officer or more than the permitted number of Committee Members. An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be called by the Committee when deemed necessary or on the written request of three Members or at the discretion of the Chairman. The Secretary shall give at least 7 days notice of such a Meeting. Half the committee membership plus one shall form a quorum but this is to include two Officers.
  9. FINANCE: The Society shall deposit all monies received in a bank in the name of The Fakenham Society. All withdrawals from the account must be transacted with two signatures from any of the officers listed in part 3. The Committee shall keep proper books of accounts in the keeping of the Treasurer. The financial year of the Society shall run to the end of April.
  10. THE CONSTITUTION: Copies of the constitution are available from the secretary or may be downloaded from the Society’s website. No alterations to this Constitution shall be made except at a General Meeting and only if supported by a majority of those present and voting at such a Meeting. Proposed alterations to the Constitution must be sent in writing to the Secretary who will put them to the Committee for consideration prior to being put to a General Meeting with the Committee’s views on them.
  11. OTHER BUSINESS: The Committee, the decision of which shall be final, shall deal with any matters not governed by this Constitution.
  12. If, by a decision of at least two thirds of the members present at a general meeting, it is deemed necessary or advisable to dissolve the Society, then after the settlement of any proper debts and liabilities, any assets or property remaining should be transferred to such other Society or Societies having objectives similar to those of The Fakenham Society as determined by the committee. Failing that, the remaining assets and/or property should be donated to some other charitable purpose.