2016-17 Season:

6 October 2016

The Horrible History of Chloroform – Linda Stratmann
Queen Victoria called it “blessed chloroform”, but what is the history and the truth about this drug?

20 October 2016

Cold War Spies – Richard Hart
Following our visit to a “secret” nuclear bunker, we hear from Richard who worked behind the iron curtain during the Cold war.

3 November 2016

The French Revolution – Simon Kinder
Following his fascinating talk about Spies from Greshams, we welcome back Simon to tell us about the bloody events in France in the years 1789-99.

17 November 2016

Is there Anybody Up There? – Bob Mizon
Dorset astronomer Bob Mizon M.B.E, one of the most experienced travelling planetarium operators in the UK will explore this fascinating question with slides.

1 December 2016

The Life and Works of Thomas Hardy – Jackie Murphy
We welcome Jackie, all the way from Dorset, to talk about one of this country’s favourite Victorian authors.

15 December 2016

The Accent on Dialects – David Poole
David will entertain us with a wealth of humorous stories relating to the use of accent or dialect.

12 January 2017

A Group Photograph – Andrew Tatham
Andrew’s book “A Group Photograph” was described by Melvin Bragg as “magnificent.” On hearing Andrew speak on the Jeremy Vine show, about people in this WW1 photo, we had to invite him to talk to us.

26 January 2017

Shakespeare in Film – Sue Burge
It is now over 400 years since the death of the Bard, but still his plays never fail to captivate. We welcome back Sue Burge to discuss Shakespeare in film – everything from Olivier to Brand!

9 February 2017

East Anglian Families of Influence – Peter Lawrence
Gurney, Barclay, Repton, Fry – just some of the East Anglian families that have played their part in the history of this part of the country.

23 February 2017

Inspector Morse: Behind the Scenes – Lindsay Siviter
Following her fascinating talk at the Nuclear Bunker, we welcome back Lindsay who will tell us about her association with the TV detective, Morse.

9 March 2017

The Depiction of Murder in Art – Clare Smith
We welcome back Clare, who joins us from Cardiff, to discuss the depiction of murder in Art across the centuries.

23 March 2017 (please note 7:00 for a 7:15 start)

The Society’s AGM followed by “Private Gardens on Public View” by Julia Stafford Allen
After the rigours of the AGM, we will relax and hear about the National Garden Scheme which celebrates its 90th birthday this year.