Minutes of the Fakenham Society AGM held at the Fakenham Sports Centre on 23rd March 2017 at 7:15pm


Apologies were received from Tony and Tessa Gent and Jenny Allkins.

Minutes of the last AGM

Dave Siseman proposed the acceptance of the minutes, seconded by Christine Dawson. All agreed.

Matters arising

There were no matters arising.

Gas Museum report

The report was given by Mr Harry Yates Director of the Museum.
An approach to the Lottery Fund for £1.1m resulted in the need to reorganise the trust which was viewed as unsustainable. The new constitution was completed in August 2015. The new governance document was accepted by National Grid who owns the site at the end of 2016 – however it is now in
the hands of their lawyers.
The lease of the site is being re-let, and the funding plan agreed by May 2017, together with the reconstitution of the trust.
Anybody who would like to volunteer would be very welcome.

Treasurer’s report

The accounts were explained. The society made a loss on the season of £1,280.09 with a carry forward of £3,259.22. The full treasurers report is available and is filed together with the examined accounts.
Acceptance of the accounts was proposed by Carol Longman and seconded by Rob Mallett. All agreed.

Chairman’s report

The season started badly with the new AV system failing on the first night and falling off the ceiling on the second! Things improved thereafter. The chairman then highlighted his favourite topics of the year. The aim of making life easier for the committee has been achieved in one way as the setting up for a meeting now takes a few minutes. The organisation of the annual trip has also been outsourced – the success of this strategy will be judged after the event.
The Chairman thanked the committee and particularly those who were leaving: Dawn Gibson, Jenny Allkins and Helen Shaw.
The running costs for the year showed a deficit and the committee proposed an increase in subscriptionto £19pp, with visitors paying £4.50. The members proposed that the increase should be to £20pp and £5 for visitors. This was given overwhelming support and accepted by the members present.

Election of Officers and Committee

The president John Birt took the chair.

There was no contest for the officer appointments and the following were elected unanimously:


Chairman: Phil Parry
Vice-chairman: David Riddle
Treasurer: Sinny Mallett
Secretary: Martin Shaw
Membership Secretary: Dave Siseman

Committee members

Steve Brettell
Christine Dawson
Steve Fuell
Dawn Gibson
Robert Mallett
Sue Parry
Susan Riddle
Jasmine Siseman

The new Chairman Phil Parry took the chair.

Chairman’s Comments

The new chairman expressed his pleasure to be working with the guidance of John Birt as president and thanked Martin Shaw for his 3 years as Chairman.
He intends to ask the membership for feedback on the society during the regular meetings.

Comments from the floor

The membership was asked if they would like a change to the format of the normal meetings. At present the speaker talks for 1 hour, then a break for tea/coffee/socialising followed by Q&A. After some discussion, it was agreed that the current format was the best given the catering arrangements. It is unfortunate that several people leave before the Q&A, but the speakers are always warned that this did not reflect on their talk!
Sue Parry then listed the speakers booked for the 2017-18 season which were well received.

The AGM closed at 8:00pm

After the tea break Mrs Julia Stafford Allen spoke about the history of the National Garden Scheme and its fund raising on its 90th birthday, while showing beautiful pictures of the gardens in our area.